CAD/CAM and nesting software for CNC cutting technologies with laser, plasma, flame, water jet

CUTlab is a CAD/CAM software developed to manage all CNC cutting technologies.
It has been recently updated to full compatibility with Windows 11 and it has been entirely programmed with object-oriented technologies and developed with C++ and C# languages. The customizing possibilities help users, whether they are experienced or not, to get immediate benefits, improving efficiency and productivity. The CUTlab constant evolution guarantees its users the best performance. The operator interface can be customized and permits to adapt the software to the operator's own working style.
Each operation such as geometry, nesting or technology can be applied automatically or manually. However the user can always operate, at any time, to modify even a single part of the decisions taken by the system, leaving the others unchanged.
It's a unique environment flexible and efficient for all operations for the setting up of the machining process: geometry, nesting, technology, sequence, post processor. All steps are managed in real time and with the utmost guarantee of completeness.