The CAD CAM solution for off-line design of programs for numerically controlled bending machines

The AutoPOL solution allows the design of sheet metal parts in an extremely flexible and fast way. The system includes an integrated 3D interactive design module that allows the production of folded sheet metal objects of complex shape in an extremely easy way. AutoPOL allows you to import solids already designed with other products through the STEP, SAT and IGES formats. The designed or imported objects can be developed and saved in DXF for later use with CAM software for punching and / or laser cutting.
It is also possible to import 2D from DXF format of an already developed object and then proceed to its transformation in 3D simply by clicking on the fold lines. The heart of the system is the determination of the optimal bending sequence according to the tool magazine and the fractioning available. The system is able to perform an accurate bending simulation and therefore check possible collisions of the piece with the machine